At Forwardvia, we provide a clear pricing structure for using our services. We pride ourselves to be one of the UK lowest cost package forwarders, serving customers all around the world

Why we are most cost competitive package re-shipper in the UK:

  • No registration and membership fee ever!
  • The total you will be paying us = Ship2me fee + Shipping cost + optional additional services
  • Free 30 days storage, no combine and consolidation fee for first 3 packages

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal and bank transfer. For credit card payment, there is absolutely no surcharges

Rates for our main services

Rates below does not include the international shipping cost from our warehouse to your home country.

Service fee: £5/3 packages or £15 for 7 packages and over. Chargeable per shipment

This fee is to receive and process packages
Ship worldwide at low cost securely
Multiple courier options for you to choose from
Free UK forwarding address
Free 30 days storage
Optional insurance
Service fee: £12 or 10% of your total order value + UK delivery, whichever is higher

This fee is for us to purchase from 1 store or seller

Extended shipping insurance is compulsory
Fast turnaround
Order multiple item from single retailer
Free best deal finder
Extended shipping insurance is compulsory for extra protection
Enjoy all the benefits of Ship2me
Supermarket shopping
Service fee: £7/supermarket delivery or first 25 quantity of items. Additional £5 for every subsequent 25 quantity of items. 

Packing fragile items will incur additional fee of £0.50 each
You can order from Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury, Marks and Spencer and others
We receive your order, process it and pack into boxes for you
Receive multiple supermarket orders
Option for us to purchase for you using Shop4me
Enjoy all the benefit of Ship2me
Optional Services
Rates for optional additional services

Contact us if you need more information

Pre-shipping photo - £3 for 5 photos
Return handling - £7/package for up to 10 kg. Higher fees for over 10 kg.
Exchange handling - £10/package. Higher fees for over 10 kg.
Parcel and content inspection - £5/package (cost depends on request)
Parcel consolidation - first 3 packages free, thereafter £2/package
Repackaging - from £2/package depending on complexity
Extended shipping insurance cover - £5/£100 unit of cover
Daily storage after 30 days - £1/day/package