• Consolidation

    Consolidation of multiple parcels | Forwardvia.com

    Your order could arrive in multiple packages from one or multiple retailers. One way of maximising savings on shipping cost is by consolidating the packages. Depending on the size and the number of packages you have, we fit as much as we can into a suitable box or multiple boxes. The largest box we use is 61 x 48 x 48 cm, which in our experience is a manageable size that can be easily handled by the Carriers.

    Simply order goods and we can consolidate the parcels before shipping it to you. What’s more you could store the packages in our warehouse for up to 30 days at no cost, so giving you more time to shop and shop! Consolidation is free for the first 3 packages, thereafter it is £2/package. Once we have completed the consolidation, the fee is chargeable.

    Please note for consolidation, we place the packages as is into one box or multiple boxes. We therefore do not open the packages or remove any packaging materials prior to consolidation. We could save you further by repacking (see Repackaging).

    Consolidation is a time consuming process, with careful attention of picking and combining the packages into one or multiple boxes ready for shipment. Should you change your mind and would like us to re-consolidate, there will be additional fee for re-consolidating the packages. The re-consolidating fee starts from £5, subject to complexity plus additional £2/package.

  • Pre-Shipping Photo

    Pre-Shipping Photo | Forwardvia.com

    Our pre-shipping photo option provides you with photo of your package upon receipt at ForwardVia warehouse, prior to shipping to you. The high resolution photos would give you an idea what to expect. It gives you the opportunity to check it has the right content and is packed the way it should be. The cost is £3 for up to 5 photos. As a guide, 1 photo on the outside of the external package, 1 with opened package, further 3 the contents without removing contents out from the package.

    If you would like photo of the contents or check specific details about the contents or packages, please use our ‘Parcel and content inspection’.

  • Storage

    Storage for multiple parcels | Forwardvia.com

    There is instances where you order multiple goods which you would like to wait for all parcels to arrive and consolidate prior to shipping. The parcels can be stored at our storage warehouse without additional cost for up to 30 days. After this time, we will charge a daily storage fee for each package we have stored beyond 30 days for up to 120 days maximum subject to our terms and conditions. The fee for each package will accrue daily until the package is shipped or disposed of. 


  • Scanning and Emailing

    Scanning and Emailing - Forwardvia.com

    This ‘paperless’ solution gives you the flexibility to access vital information at a touch of a button. We offer you scanning of invoice, delivery notes, receipt you wish and emailing service. It can be in PDF, JPEG or any other compatible format.

    Please note according to our terms: you must not use your ForwardVia Address, including declaring it as your residential address, in the application for, renewal of or replacement of any official documents or for the registration of any business, partnership or company. This includes but is not limited to using your ForwardVia Address in driving licenses, passports or certificates of incorporation. We will not forward official documents to you and will dispose of them as we see fit.

    You must not apply for credit, mortgages or loans using your ForwardVia Address. You must not provide your ForwardVia Address as your address to any governmental, regulatory, legal or financial organisation

  • Repackaging

    Repackaging from only £5 | Forwardvia.com

    When it comes to international shipments, the shipping charges are calculated by the weight, actual or dimensional – whichever is greater. To learn more about how the dimensional weight is calculated, please check our FAQ section. For example: the actual weight of a package is 15KG and the dimensional weight is 25 kg the chargeable weight will be 25 kg. Therefore repackaging into smaller box, making the actual weight closer to the dimensional weight can lower the shipping cost.

    Repackaging is also necessary if the existing packaging might not be sufficient for the long journey to you. This could be adding protective materials e.g. bubble wraps surrounding the item. You can either request this service when completing the Ship2me form, or email us your specific instruction.

    If you decided for us to repackage any of your item, we will do the best we can, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during transit. It is always recommended to purchase insurance cover against loss and damage.

    The cost for repackaging is from £2/package, depending on size and complexity of your request. For heavier or larger item, the cost for this service does vary depending on packaging requirements, i.e. special or custom packaging materials may cost more.

    Feel free to request for us to quote for special packaging, combine and repack, or even split packaging. You can contact us using the Contact Form on the right.

  • Insurance

    Insurance against risk of physical loss & damage | Forwardvia

    Working with our experienced courier partner, all packages are handle with great care throughout the delivery process. Packages do get misplaced or damaged during transit, but luckily this rarely happens. Optional extended shipping insurance can be added at your request for protection against the risk of physical loss and damage to the shipments.

    Below are some notes about our Shipping Insurance cover and for more details please refer here or our terms and conditions:

    1. FowardVia Shipping Insurance is offered by us to cover both the cost of shipment and damages to outgoing shipments due to loss or damage from external causes during shipment.
    2. Shipping insurance cover is not available for shipping services without tracking
    3. Depending on the shipping services, we include between £25 – £50 of standard insurance cover on the shipping cost you paid us and eligible items at no charge. Extended insurance coverage is available for a cost of £5 per £100 unit of insured value. This rate is not prorated for partial units of £100.
    4. Prohibited items are excluded from the shipping insurance cover. Items that are prohibited or restricted for import into your countries are excluded from the shipping insurance cover.

    More details

  • Parcel Tracking

    Parcel Tracking - Forwardvia.com

    With Parcel Tracking, once we have shipped your parcel, you can track your parcel to see the progress of your shipments online. All you need is to follow the tracking link we provided you to be able to see the status of your parcel.

  • Parcel and content inspection

    Parcel & content inspection | Forwardvia.com

    You can request for us to check on anything on the item or parcel before we ship it to you. It may be something very specific that you would like us to check e.g. check for physical damages on the item. We unwrap the item, inspect, photograph and report it back to you. Cost of this service is typically from £5 per package depending on complexity of the request. Please note this fee may be higher subject to complexity of what you require us to inspect and the physical size of the items.

  • Return handling

    Return handling from only £5 | Forwardvia

    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you could request for it to be returned to and exchanged with the retailer. The service fee of return handling is £7/package for packages up to 10 kg in weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater. Ship2me fee to receive and process may still be payable as we have your package in our warehouse.

    The service include preparation of the return package, complete any enclosed return form, repackage if necessary, order return postage (chargeable, if not provided) and get it ready for Carrier collection, or drop it off to the Carrier’s depot (additional cost may apply). Return instruction may vary depending on the retailer. You need to arrange the return with the retailer and provide us with instructions.

    You are responsible for the return postage/delivery cost. If you would like us to drop off the package to local Parcel Shop, it costs additional £7.50 and must be within 3 miles from our UK address. We offer to arrange return postage or delivery service at additional cost.

    Note: The return handling fee for over 10 kg is chargeable per week. This is counted from the day we receive your package. Should you need to return packages over 10 kg up to 25 kg weight or volumetric weight, the return handling fee is £10/week. For over 25 kg, it is £20/week. It may take up to 3 working days for us to get your package ready for return and we are not responsible for any delay.


  • Shopping Support

    Additional services package forwarding - contacting the retailer on your behalf

    Shopping support is when you need help for us to get in touch with the retailer. We can contact the retailer on your behalf. We can email or telephone the retailer on your behalf and provide you with their responses. Just provide us with all the information and we will get in touch with the retailer. We charge a non-refundable fee of £5 for this service, which is limited to a single retailer or a ebay/amazon seller and up to 3 emails or telephone responses.

  • Need something else?

    We may have missed something, feel free to remind us what is that. If you need anything else not listed here, we would like to hear from you. Simple drop us a note and we will let you know in a tick as to whether we can do it or not. From planning your dream holiday, assisting you to get into property market in the UK, to helping your son/daughter who is about to come over to the UK for studies. We have close network of associates that can help you with that. So really no harm asking 😉

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