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  • Use forwarding address when ordering from UK stores

    After you sign up with Forwardvia, you will be given a UK forwarding address to order from any UK online stores or sellers from eBay, depop, Amazon and etc. You can use the forwarding address to shop instantly. Using the provided UK address for shopping is simple. Use your name as you provided when you register with us. It should be in the following format:

    Name (Your name):Your registration name
    Number and Street Address:26C Hazel Road
    County (usually optional):Hampshire
    Postcode/Zip:SO19 7GA
    Country:United Kingdom
    Contact number (if requested):07532720644

    Enter the address manually, do not use the prefill address. Some websites or shops automatically complete the shipping address as you type in and recommend the address. Ignore the suggested address. Choose the address you entered manually as shown above.

    Although optional, if you can inform the store that no delivery should be made outside these hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 17:00 and Saturday from 8:30 – 12:00.

    Adding Shipping Address in your Amazon Account

    1. Enter your name you provided during registration with ForwardVia
    2. When you type in the Street Address, the previous business name i.e. Terrys Funerals may show up. Ignore that and continue to provide the address manually (See figure 1)
    3. Do not select ‘Weekend Delivery’
    4. Click ‘Add Address’ and you are all done!
    How to add UK shipping address to Amazon
    How to add UK shipping address to Amazon
    Enter your shipping address in your Amazon account
    Save Original address, not the Suggested address
  • UK Black Friday Guide for International Shoppers

    UK Black Friday guide fro international shoppers

    UK Black Friday Guide for International Shoppers

    Black Friday is one of the biggest sale events in the UK happens once a year. Black Friday is on November 23rd and Cyber Monday is on November 26th this year. It is less than 2 weeks to go before we all get up at 5 am to bag a bargain that we didn’t know we needed! 

    More retailers than ever before will be taking part with some having a whole week of deals and on-line only deals. Wherever you are in the world i.e. United States, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia, cross border shopping is easy using You can shop at the comfort of your own home, thousands of miles away from the UK. 

    We’ve compiled a list of direct links to UK merchants for you and a brief guide for you to start shopping.

    Here are the links to the on-line stores:

    Amazon – The online giant’s 10 day Black Friday sale begins at midnight from 16 November and runs until 25 November. The online retailer makes a big deal of Black Friday, promising to launch “Lightening Deals” of discounted products available for short periods of time. This year, we expect that Amazon’s sale will include major discounts on everything from electronics to this year’s must-have toys, games, fashion, jewellery and beauty products.

    EbayeBay’s Black Friday has even more amazing Deals in 2018. Get Huge Discounts on Electronics (TVs, Laptops & Consoles), Smart Home and Designer Fashion.

    More here:

    Smyths  – Very – ASOS – Boots – Games – John Lewis – Marks and Spencer – DebenhamsMothercare – LegoSuperdrugHouse of Fraser – WiggleClarksUniqlo – TK Maxx – Lakeland

    Articles showing direct link to UK stores with massive discounts:

    The Sun – Best Black Friday 2018 eBay deals: get 40 per cent off fashion outlets like Boden, Links of London, Very and Debenhams

    MirrorEvening StandardGuardianDaily Mail – Daily ExpressMetro

    Steps to shop the UK

    Step 1: Simply sign up (for free!) at

    Step 2: You’ll be given UK address to shop, so note it down

    Step 2a: Optional for the cunning shoppers 🙂 See below, else skip to Step 3

    Step 3: Go to any of the links below and choose your item, add to basket and checkout

    Step 4: Enter your UK address as the billing and shipping address

    Step 5: Sit back and relax, your order with the UK stores is done

    Step 6: After few days, ForwardVia receive your goods, we notify you by email and provide you the international shipping options

    Step 7: You select the shipping service, make payment and we ship it to you. That’s all!

    Optional additional steps

    To truly shop like the local here, we recommend using VPN (Virtual Private Network), it’s free and easy to use. Basically, you can connect to a UK server through VPN and you will be treated extra special like the locals when shopping. With VPN, when you click on any UK stores it will always take you to the local website instead of international version. Some merchants by default reject orders from outside United Kingdom, hence by pretending you’re in the UK, then you are good to shop till your drop.

    Here are the additional steps continuing from 2:

    Step 2a: Sign up with

    Step 2b: Enter email and password to create account

    Step 2c: Download the software for your Mac, Windows, iOS or, Android devices

    Step 2d: Sign in and when you can see the map, click ‘Turn TunnelBear on’ in the United Kingdom location

    Step 2e: Once connected, browse any UK online stores and start shopping by going to any UK online stores

  • Sliders with socks or without socks

    Sliders with socks or without socks

    Sliders with socks or without socks. A simple, comfortable and easy to put on foot wear that has been around for as long as I can remember. When I was young, we used to call it slippers some say flip flops now my teens inform me that they are  in fact ‘sliders’. But whatever this foot wear may be named, it’s still a slip on, backless type of foot wear.

    It has been slowly slipping in back to fashion (although I do keep telling my teens that these sliders have been around for ages). Recently, Glamour Magazine published an article about the latest trends of socks and sliders are back in fashion. It’s not new that fashion will come back with a bit of a twist here and there but….

    SOCKS with sliders, seriously???

    Call me old school but socks goes with shoes, as in covered shoes, trainers, boots….certainly not with sliders?

    Some celebrities have been seen wearing socks with it and it seems to be the ‘in’ thing. But they don’t always get it right.

    What do you think? Sliders with socks or without socks?

    Whether you like it with or without socks, you can certainly use ForwardVia to ship you purchases from Birkinstock, Fitflop, John Lewis, Gucci, Celine UK to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

  • Borderlinx closed. ForwardVia is the best alternative!

    Borderlinx has suspended cross border shipping from the US effectively 8th May 2018 and all the European including UK package forwarding warehouses effectively on 5th June 2018. We know it is frustrating not able to use Borderlinx anymore, and you are looking for another forwarder and website offering similar services in the UK. Not to worry as ForwardVia is the best alternative and can certainly help to ship your goods from the UK and Europe to you.

    Join ForwardVia now with no registration free and you can start shopping instantly. You’ll will get multiple shipping options to choose from and we provide one of the lowest shipping cost by air to over 200 destinations worldwide.

    Using ForwardVia we guarantee that you will get benefits similar or better than Borderlinx. Here are some of it:

    1. Shop from a million UK and European online stores using your UK forwarding address provided to you instantly upon signing up

    You can enjoy shopping from the UK and European online stores stress free upon signing up. We provide 30 days free storage and consolidation service to save you on shipping cost.

    2. Reliable and fast turnaround service with affordable international shipping

    The shipping rate we offer is very competitive and considered as one of the lowest parcel forwarding shipping cost in the UK. What’s more ForwardVia is extremely efficient in handling and processing packages, making it possible for you to get your goods as quick as 2 business days. Our customer support is attentive and always do their best when it comes to handling your query and providing you support.

    3. Shop at any UK and European stores without limits

    We offer purchase assistance using our Shop4me service where we can make purchase for you if the retailer or stores do not accept your credit card payment or for whatever reason. Again, our fast turnaround service give you the best chance to get your goods especially for limited edition or limited quantity goods. We have been consistently and successfully placed many orders with the store within 6 hours (during working hours of course) from the time you informed us. We are extremely flexible and versatile, and always do our best to get you what you want, even if we have to contact them or physically visit the stores.

    Let us receive and ship you your shopping and register now. Remember, unlike Borderlinx we don’t charge you to register and there is no membership fee!

  • Top brand at rock bottom price

    I am someone who loves big brands to match the new trends that are circulating around Instagram and every other social media there is. But it’s not cheap, big brands most often have big prices to match. However, recently I have been buying from an online clothing store called MandMDirect.

    MandM Direct is an online clothing store based in the United Kingdom. It is the second largest online fashion retailer in the UK. They have clothes, shoes and the latest brands all on sale for men, women, and children. Famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, French Connection, Puma, Converse, Ellesse, Reebok, Levi’s, New Balance, Asics, Lacoste, Armani and many other huge brands are being sold at a cheaper price compare to buying directly from the manufacturer.

    There’s a large variety to choose from, what’s more you can use ForwardVia’s parcel forwarding service to get it ship to you worldwide.

    So get shopping at MandMDirect now for amazing deals and big brands at rock bottom price.

  • Buy new and used fashion accessories from Depop

    Depop, the creative community’s mobile market place

    It’s not easy trying to be unique, trendy, stylish and up to date and not drain your wallet dry. You dive into an online shopping spree and end up with the whole shop in your basket. I find that a lot of the items I really want all end up costing an arm and a leg. Recently I found out about an app called Depop and I was instantly obsessed.

    Depop is where the world’s creatives come to buy, sell and discover the most inspiring and unique things. If you have never heard of this app, it’s like Instagram, only its sole purpose is to allow users to sell and buy new and used items. You can find branded, vintage, retro and endless styles of clothing and be inspired by the looks you find.

    If you’re looking into your wardrobe and thinking to yourself, ugh why did I ever buy these clothes?  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. However, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are plenty to choose from and what’s more you could use ForwardVia’s parcel forwarding service to get it ship to you worldwide.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone ASAP and download depop and get shopping away, and who knows you might find yourself with a huge, new wardrobe, on a small, cheap budget.

    Happy shopping xxx

  • Stuck for a gift?

    Stuck for a gift?

    Have a relative who is impossible to buy for?

    Do you have a significant other that you want to impress with something unusual?

    Bored of predictable gifts and wish for something more unique?

    Then look no further than for inspiration. Full of gifts which would suit all tastes and personalities, you may even find something for yourself (you deserve a treat after all that gift shopping for other people right?)


  • Nike and Adidas shoes release dates

    Release dates for the latest Nike and Adidas shoes

    Get the release dates for the latest Nike and Adidas shoes from .

    Don’t forget to sign up with us at and get a UK address ready for purchase. You can use the UK address for preorders or make purchase. Remember there’s absolutely no charge for signing up with us to get the UK address.

    Here is one for you to put in your calendar: Last year’s release of the BAPE X Adidas NMD was highly received, earning the number 7 spot on our 50 best sneakers of 2016. For some, a second chance at these may come soon enough, including both colorways of the BAPE NMDs will release on January 12th. 

  • The real Boxing Day bargains

    Boxing day sales buy and ship using ForwardVia

    This year’s sales are bigger and better than ever. Thanks to turbulent times, the High Street has been slashing its prices further and earlier than ever, with many offers starting before Christmas. 

    However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the Boxing Day sales. Today, many retailers are doing ‘sale-on-sales’, cutting prices further still on desirable items — expect to see anything from 50 to 90 per cent off.

    Read more:

    Shop for bargains and ship to your doorstep using ForwardVia. We offer competitive and reliable shipping rates to over 200 countries. Register free at

  • Use ForwardVia to ship your Advent Calendars

    Buy Advent calendar from UK retailers and ForwardVia will ship to you in time for christmas

    Advent Calendars

    So many to choose from!! Advent calendars and Christmas countdowns are the best part of the festive season! Shop our unique range of personalised advent calendars.Here are some of the Christmas 2016 advent calendars we shortlisted to buy this year. Make your purchase and we guarantee to ship it to you before 25th December. Register with us to get your UK address instantly at
    Make this year’s countdown to Christmas extra special with Selfridges’ exclusive Beauty Workshop Advent Calendar. Featuring a selection of little luxuries from all your favourite brands, including Foreo, Too Faced, Tweezerman, BeautyBlender and Eve Lom, this limited-edition set will help you primp and prep with ease this party season. Includes 24 treats with a combined value of £230.
    Price: £65 (value £230)

    This one is a great find for any gin fan: the Ginvent Calendar lets you build up holiday anticipation with 24 magical flavors. You also get a Tasting Wheel to help you understand the flavors, along with a guide on garnishes.

    Price: £129.95


    The Body Shop Ultimate Advent Calendar

    You get wonderful treats that will pamper your skin and body and indulge your senses for 24 days. Enjoy surprise gifts of makeup, skin and body care products, accessories and more. Inside you find: White Bath Gloves, Fuji Green Tea™ Body Wash 60ml, Almond Hand & Nail Cream 100ml, Frosted Berries Lip Balm 20ml, along with 20 more awesome goodies!

    Price: £99.00 (worth £187)


    bareMinerals Countdown to Gorgeous Advent Calendar

    The recipient of this gift calendar is sure to feel like a beauty queen every day before Christmas. Each door opens to reveal a luxurious makeup goodie that’s perfect for holiday parties or those romantic mistletoe moments with your sweetheart. bareMinerals products are known for skin-friendly textures, luscious colors and gorgeous finishes. A great way to count those days down to Christmas.

    Price: £75.00


    Craft Beer Advent Calendar

    ‘Tis the season to enjoy things you love, so why not indulge in some great beer tastings with this fun Advent calendar? Experience ales, pilsners, stouts and saisons from Brooklyn Brewery, Flying Dog, Camden, Anchor and the like. That’s a grownup replacement for those tiny chocolates you used to get in your Advent calendar as a kid.

    Price: £74.99


    24 luxe beauty surprises from Estee Lauder

    If you’ve wanted to sample as many Estee Lauder’s beauty products as you could, this is your perfect chance. Among the 24 luxurious beauty surprises you will find the Revitalizing Supreme+ Creme (EL’s newest innovation), Advanced Night Repair – #1 Repair Serum, Modern Muse Eau de Parfum, Pure Color Envy Lipstick and a lot more. A stylish way to count down the season.

    Price: £205


    Your Beauty Fairytale Come True Advent Calendar 2016

    This is the Advent calendar for any fan of luxury beauty brands. You get perfumes, creams and other beauty products by such best selling manufacturers as Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Viktor & Rolf and Ralph. 24 items in all to impress any woman.

    Price: £85


    Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate Advent Calendar

    If traditional chocolate treats are what you are looking for in an Advent calendar, then this awesome product from Charbonnel et Walker is a great choice. You get 25 individually wrapped pieces of milk and dark chocolates in flavors like English Rose, Framboise, Praline Noisette, Apricot, Menthe or Romano.

    Price: £50


    Jack Wills Advent Calendar

    The Jack Wills Advent Calendar is a gift to pamper any girl. Packed with mini versions of sumptuous lotions, body washes, hair accessories and more behind each little door it is sure to satisfy beauty needs and make the recipient’s countdown to Christmas more fun and exciting.

    Price: £35


    Mini ”Tsum Tsum” Plush Advent Calendar

    This gift will make any little kid squeal with delight when opening each tiny door to reveal a plush mini toy from Disney. The adorable characters include Tinkerbell, Tigger, Goofy, Mickey and other Disney pals. Let the runup to Christmas day become a truly exciting time full of surprises for little ones in your family.

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