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  • We love forwarding your packages

    Forwardvia forward your packages worldwide

    We are passionate about the things we do. At ForwardVia, we love receiving your packages and we forward it with love 🙂 Yes we treat your packages like our own and handle it with absolute care.

    We are very busy, we receive hundreds of packages, but we always have time for our customers keeping them informed of the latest and getting them the best shipping deals available.

    We really love to hear from you, customer or not, get in touch! If you are ready to shop the UK, then sign up for free at and experience UK best forwarding service.

  • Fancy high end luxury fashion this Christmas

    If you’re running out of gift ideas or fancy giving yourselves a treat, then have a look at these ultra-luxury brands: Burberry, Bally, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Prada and many more.


  • Christmas shopping at Ebay UK

    Looking to bag a bargain, but unsure where to start? Have you ever try Christmas shopping at eBay UK? Buying from ebay can be fun, enjoyable experience with millions of item on sale. With Christmas around the corner, ebay may be a good start.


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