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  • Use forwarding address when ordering from UK stores

    After you sign up with Forwardvia, you will be given a UK forwarding address to order from any UK online stores or sellers from eBay, depop, Amazon and etc. You can use the forwarding address to shop instantly. Using the provided UK address for shopping is simple. Use your name as you provided when you register with us. It should be in the following format:

    Name (Your name):Your registration name
    Number and Street Address:26C Hazel Road
    County (usually optional):Hampshire
    Postcode/Zip:SO19 7GA
    Country:United Kingdom
    Contact number (if requested):07532720644

    Enter the address manually, do not use the prefill address. Some websites or shops automatically complete the shipping address as you type in and recommend the address. Ignore the suggested address. Choose the address you entered manually as shown above.

    Although optional, if you can inform the store that no delivery should be made outside these hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 17:00 and Saturday from 8:30 – 12:00.

    Adding Shipping Address in your Amazon Account

    1. Enter your name you provided during registration with ForwardVia
    2. When you type in the Street Address, the previous business name i.e. Terrys Funerals may show up. Ignore that and continue to provide the address manually (See figure 1)
    3. Do not select ‘Weekend Delivery’
    4. Click ‘Add Address’ and you are all done!
    How to add UK shipping address to Amazon
    How to add UK shipping address to Amazon
    Enter your shipping address in your Amazon account
    Save Original address, not the Suggested address
  • Borderlinx closed. ForwardVia is the best alternative!

    Borderlinx has suspended cross border shipping from the US effectively 8th May 2018 and all the European including UK package forwarding warehouses effectively on 5th June 2018. We know it is frustrating not able to use Borderlinx anymore, and you are looking for another forwarder and website offering similar services in the UK. Not to worry as ForwardVia is the best alternative and can certainly help to ship your goods from the UK and Europe to you.

    Join ForwardVia now with no registration free and you can start shopping instantly. You’ll will get multiple shipping options to choose from and we provide one of the lowest shipping cost by air to over 200 destinations worldwide.

    Using ForwardVia we guarantee that you will get benefits similar or better than Borderlinx. Here are some of it:

    1. Shop from a million UK and European online stores using your UK forwarding address provided to you instantly upon signing up

    You can enjoy shopping from the UK and European online stores stress free upon signing up. We provide 30 days free storage and consolidation service to save you on shipping cost.

    2. Reliable and fast turnaround service with affordable international shipping

    The shipping rate we offer is very competitive and considered as one of the lowest parcel forwarding shipping cost in the UK. What’s more ForwardVia is extremely efficient in handling and processing packages, making it possible for you to get your goods as quick as 2 business days. Our customer support is attentive and always do their best when it comes to handling your query and providing you support.

    3. Shop at any UK and European stores without limits

    We offer purchase assistance using our Shop4me service where we can make purchase for you if the retailer or stores do not accept your credit card payment or for whatever reason. Again, our fast turnaround service give you the best chance to get your goods especially for limited edition or limited quantity goods. We have been consistently and successfully placed many orders with the store within 6 hours (during working hours of course) from the time you informed us. We are extremely flexible and versatile, and always do our best to get you what you want, even if we have to contact them or physically visit the stores.

    Let us receive and ship you your shopping and register now. Remember, unlike Borderlinx we don’t charge you to register and there is no membership fee!

  • ForwardVia ship Xbox games and accessories to over 200 countries

    Forwarvia ship xbox games from UK to worldwide locations

    Buy any Xbox One games and accessories from any UK stores, we will combine your purchases and ship them to you in one package. We can even provide photos of your purchases for you to inspect before shipping. For a peace of mind, we only use our trusted carriers giving you cheap shipping cost and reliable services.

Shop at any UK online stores and let Forwardvia handle your international delivery GET STARTED NOW
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